Protect your Family with Safety Glass: It’s Not Just For Cars

When we moved into our century-old home and began our then-minor-now-major renovations, we realized something slightly terrifying about our original to the house solid wood door. Moreover, the picture window in the door. Somehow at inspection, we had failed to notice that there wasn’t real glass in the door, but a flimsy sheet of plexiglass that rattled in its casing.


We had to replace it and do so fast, yet inexpensively. After much discussion on options with our local glass shop, we came to a slightly unconventional solution — auto safety glass.

We decided upon auto safety glass for a number of reasons, but mostly due to the way auto safety glass is manufactured. It doesn’t shatter easily like regular window pane glass — instead, the fractures spiderweb out from the point of impact, reducing shards of glass from (in a car accident situation) launching themselves into people or things. This also means that a quick hit with a small tool by a potential burglar won’t create a hole in your window or door through which someone could unlock and enter your house.

Auto safety glass is also thicker than most traditional glass, meaning a quick hit or bump won’t effect it (and compromise your home’s security) quite as easily.

Of course, anyone who’s had their car broken into knows that auto safety glass isn’t impenetrable, but in a home security sense, it can provide that extra layer of deterrence from a burglar using your decorative glass as an easy entrance into your home. And as anyone who’s been in a substantial car accident can attest, auto safety glass saves the lives of drivers and passengers every day.

So the next time you have to replace a decorative window near a door, think about getting auto safety glass to add just another layer of protection to your home’s overall security.

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