Seeking An Inventive Room Divider? Try A Rope Wall!

If you live or work in a large, open space like a loft, one of the biggest obstacles is creating walls and different areas (trust me–I speak from firsthand experience!) And if you’re renting the space, the issue becomes even more challenging because you probably don’t want to invest a lot of money in building traditional walls.
Sure, you can use bookshelves to help create the illusion of walls, but if you’re in a large space and need several areas created, this is likely an impractical solution. Enter Morgan of The Brick House and an utterly ingenious idea: rope walls.
Morgan created the rope walls to help Shelly Leer, creator of ModHomeEc (and a great friend of C&H!) cordon off spaces in her new upholstery workshop. The open warehouse is great for projects and classes, but Shelly needed separate spaces for her office, a tool room, etc. So Morgan suggested the rope walls as a stylish yet inexpensive way to section off parts of the warehouse.

Awesome, aren’t they? And utterly DIY-friendly, too! In her tutorial post, Morgan says you need rope and custom-built wood boxes with evenly spaced rope-sized holes drilled in the top. String precut sections of rope through the top of the box, and then tie the knot underneath the box. Once you attach the remaining box side, the knots will be obscured and the rope will be taut.
I’d definitely file this project under “brilliant” — and I just may decide to build a rope wall for my loft. I love that the rope walls give a sense of separation to the space, but they don’t totally obscure an area, so the space still feels relatively open and airy.
What do you think of the rope walls?
Photo courtesy of The Brick House

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