Set The Mood (Lighting) With New GE App

With the continued popularity of smart phones and tablets, it seems like there’s a new app every few days. The latest must-have download? The GE Mood Lighting Cam app, a clever invention from the renowned lighting company.
Snap a photo of a room or area in your home, and load it into the app. Using a sliding scale, you can adjust the room’s lighting from “cozy” to “intimate” to “dramatic,” along with a few stops in between. Once you’ve found a lighting scheme you like, touch the “Create This Mood” button, select the applicable light fixtures and you’ll be taken to GE product recommendations that will allow you to simulate the lighting effects.
If you’d rather take your lighting inspiration from another source, the app comes with a library of pre-loaded rooms, ranging from bathrooms to living rooms, that showcase a variety of lighting schemes. As with the pictures you upload, you can opt to “Create The Mood” and have a list of products that will create the same lighting scheme.

My space poses a particular challenge, since it’s a loft, but I couldn’t resist playing with the app last night. Although I’d define my existing lighting as “cozy” and even “intimate,” I let the

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