Solve Your Landscaping Woes With Goats

During the dog days of summer, one of the last things you want to do on a regular basis is tend to your lawn. Yet if your yard is truly out of control, here’s an idea from the Wall Street Journal about how to keep those unruly grasses and weeds in check: goats.
Known for their love of various types of vegetation, including prickly bushes and weeds, goats are natural landscapers in that they can move through a high amount of grass in a relatively short amount of time.

And because their ancestors adapted to become adept on mountainous terrain, goats are also ideal if you have a heavily sloped lawn or acreage–they are able to anchor themselves and move rather easily in areas that might prove impassable to humans and machines.
Opting for goats is environmentally friendly, too, as the creatures are carbon-emission free. Purchasing and caring for the goats, however, can be a sizable investment, and cost more than a similar period of machine-operated lawncare.
Do you have an overgrown patch of land that would be ideal for goat-led landscaping? Or will you stick with your mower and weed whacker?
Photo by mape

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