Stash Valuables In A Doortop

File this project under “ingenious.” Have some small valuables or cash that you want to conceal? If you have a hollow core interior door, you can use a few tools to create an inconspicuous hiding spot.
Guys (and ladies)–this is an ideal time to smoke a cigar, because you’ll need an aluminum cigar tube in which to store your valuables. Other supplies include:
*Machine screw
*Hex nut
*Wood scrap
*Rubber gloves
*Goof-Off cleaner
*Scotch Brite pad
As for tools, you’ll need several drill bits (1″ spade; 1/4″ brad point; 1/8″ brad point; 3/4″ spade), a file and a hammer and nails.

First things first? Clean the cigar tube using the rubber gloves and Goof-Off cleaner. Then you’ll drill a hole in the cap, followed by countersinking the washer. Assemble the cap, add your stash and then seal the tube.
As for the door, you’ll use the larger drill bit to drill a hole into the top of the door. You’ll want this hole to be closer to the door hinge, rather than the knob. After that, you’ll counterbore the door and drill/shape the opening.

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