The Surefire Maximus Headlamp Delivers 1000 Lumens Hands-Free

If you are seeking daylight visibility at night, Surefire may have the answer. The Surefire Maximus headlamp delivers 1000 lumens at the press of a button, instantly illuminating whatever you looking at.

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The Surefire Maximus headlamp is not as compact as most headlamps, but the light output is insane. The price tag is high, but it’s worth it. Here’s why.

Great Adjustability

I have used the Surefire Maximus for several years when I need more light. Be it out camping or during photoshoots, this light provides me with what I need when I need it. Most headlamps only have a few settings and are push-button controlled. This makes it hard to adjust when wearing gloves and doesn’t allow the user to control the output.

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The Maximus has a control knob that allows the wearer to adjust the lumens from 0-1000 very quickly and easily, providing the exact amount of light for whatever the situation. This is handy because you can precisely adjust the headlamp for the light your eyes need and not be blinded or stuck in the dark. 

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I have used the Maximus in caving situations to provide light for shooting subjects in the dark and as a headlamp for night photography. The ability to adjust my headlamp for the condition is vital.

The turn-dial adjuster is probably the best part of this headlamp. Most lights I have used before are click buttons with 1-3 settings, and these buttons are harder to find/use when your fingers are cold, or you are wearing gloves. 

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The body of the Maximus rotates on the bracket allowing the user to adjust the angle of the light without moving their head. This comes in handy when you are in the parking lot in the middle of nowhere and need to fix something under your vehicle’s hood. 

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Head Comfort

The Maximus is a large headlamp. But the pad on the back keeps the device comfortable on your forehead if you use it without a helmet. The weight is not ideal for quick activities like running as the lamp can bounce up and down. But I have not noticed much movement in most camping or hiking activities, as the strap does secure the Maximus enough for these activities. 

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Rechargeable Power

The Maximus is a rechargeable headlamp model and comes with various charging options. AC and DC charging options are provided and allow for adaptors with various outlets. The Maximus also has a charge indicator light, so you know before heading out on an adventure if you need to charge the unit or not.

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There can be pros or cons to rechargeable headlamps. On the one hand, if your battery runs out, you can get light with a quick recharge, but you have to remember to bring the Surefire cables with you.

But on the other hand, you must remember to purchase batteries and bring them with you. I do better with chargers, as I have my charging kit ready for all my media gear. If you prefer the battery option, check out the Minimus headlamp. 

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A Headlamp for Camping, Hunting, Exploring, and Tactical Use

While most people tend to look at Surefire mainly as a tactical light, their use goes far beyond law enforcement, military, or any tactical type need. These lights are so well designed and built that anyone needing a headlamp or flashlight for camping, hunting, exploring, or any other adventure could benefit from a Surefire light. 

Photos: Matt Ritscher

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