The Best Knives of SHOT Show 2024

The 2024 SHOT Show in Las Vegas showcased an array of knives that blend tradition with cutting-edge technology. From tactical to artisan, survival to everyday carry (EDC), there was something for every enthusiast. Below is a detailed breakdown of standout knives by category, their best uses, and practical examples to help identify the best type for your needs.

benchmade water adira

Tactical and Survival Knives

1. Acta Non Verba M500 KAMBA

  • Description: This knife features a 4.5-inch Elmax steel blade with machined G10 handles and a Kydex sheath. Designed for military and tactical use, it offers exceptional durability and reliability.
  • Best Use Case: Perfect for military personnel or security professionals, ideal for tactical situations or self-defense.
  • Practical Example: Deploy quickly in close combat scenarios or cut through tough materials like ropes or webbing during emergencies.

2. Benchmade Mini Adira

  • Description: Part of Benchmade’s Waterline series, the Mini Adira features a 3-inch MagnaCut steel blade with a robust handle. It’s designed to perform in wet and rugged conditions.
  • Best Use Case: Suitable for outdoor adventurers who require a durable knife for wilderness tasks.
  • Practical Example: Use it for preparing kindling, slicing through tough materials during a hike, or as a reliable tool for campsite cooking.

Artisan and Collector’s Knives

1. Boker Plus Collection 2024

  • Description: A collector’s dream, this knife features a 3.66-inch drop-point blade made of CPM MagnaCut, housed in a titanium frame lock with intricate carbon scales. Limited to 500 pieces worldwide, it merges functionality with collectibility.
  • Best Use Case: Ideal for collectors and knife enthusiasts who value exceptional craftsmanship and limited edition models.
  • Practical Example: Display as part of a collection or use during special outdoor gatherings where its elegance and effectiveness can shine.

2. Vero Engineering Lux

  • Description: Designed by Joseph Vero and produced by Reate, the Lux is an EDC knife that features a hollow grind with a 3.5-inch M390 blade. Known for its sleek design and smooth action, it embodies luxury and practicality.
  • Best Use Case: Excellent for enthusiasts looking for a blend of elegance in everyday tasks.
  • Practical Example: Ideal for detailed cutting tasks such as opening packages delicately or making precise cuts in crafting projects.

Fishing and Water-Related Activities

1. Benchmade Water Line

  • Description: This series is specifically designed for aquatic environments, featuring corrosion-resistant Magnacut steel. It includes fillet knives, folders, and fixed blades with handles in ‘Depth Blue’.
  • Best Use Case: Perfect for fishermen, boaters, or anyone frequently engaged in water-related activities.
  • Practical Example: Cleaning and preparing fish, cutting fishing line, or performing quick repairs on boats.
spyderco bodacious

Everyday Carry (EDC) and Practical Use

1. Spyderco Bodacious

  • Description: A streamlined version of the Shaman, the Bodacious features a 3.54-inch S30V steel blade and Spyderco’s compression lock. It’s designed for efficiency and compact carry.
  • Best Use Case: A reliable EDC knife suitable for a variety of daily tasks.
  • Practical Example: Ideal for opening boxes, general kitchen tasks, or as a self-defense tool in urgent situations.

2. CRKT Homefront Compact

  • Description: This knife features an S35VN blade and striking two-tone G10 handles with aluminum bolsters. It combines historical design elements with modern materials.
  • Best Use Case: Great for those who need a stylish yet capable knife for everyday tasks.
  • Practical Example: Cutting through tough packaging, performing detailed craft work, or everyday carry for quick access in various scenarios.

Nonmetallic and Specialty Options

1. Black Triangle G10 Knives

  • Description: Completely nonmetallic knives made from G10 material, designed for point-driven use and come with thermoplastic sheaths. Lightweight and discreet.
  • Best Use Case: Ideal for environments where avoiding metal detection is crucial.
  • Practical Example: Useful for covert operations or for athletes in extreme sports where lightweight equipment is essential.

Budget-Friendly and High-Value Knives

1. Kershaw Bel-Air

  • Description: Features a 3.5-inch MagnaCut blade and a sliding bar lock, marking a shift towards higher-end features in Kershaw’s lineup. It offers premium quality at an accessible price.
  • Best Use Case: Ideal for knife enthusiasts looking for high-quality steel without the high cost.
  • Practical Example: A dependable EDC option for daily tasks ranging from opening mail to more intensive cutting tasks.

2. Reate PLX Series

  • Description: Known for its excellent fit and finish, the PLX series brings Reate’s quality into a more budget-friendly range with a pivot lock and 14C28N steel.
  • Best Use Case: Suited for users looking for a durable and high-quality knife that won’t break the bank.
  • Practical Example: Perfect for everyday tasks as well as more demanding projects like DIY home improvements where reliability and precision are key.

The 2024 SHOT Show unveiled a range of knives catering to diverse needs, from tactical and survival scenarios to everyday utility and artisanal display. Each knife is crafted with specific uses in mind, ensuring that whether you’re a collector, an outdoorsman, or someone who appreciates the practicality of a well-made knife, there’s something at SHOT Show for you. This guide aims to help you navigate the vast options and select a knife that best fits your lifestyle and needs, enhancing both your safety and efficiency.

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