The Grass Really Is Greener With Design Grass

You’ve got a dilemma. Maybe you live in an urban environment and are starved for lush landscaping. Or you live in an arid climate in which grass is minimized to require less water. Or you really, really love the outdoors and want to bring them inside your home.
The solution? A nifty product called Design Grass. Created by “natural media company” Curb, Design Grass “is a patented, 100 percent real grass that will last indefinitely inside with no watering or maintenance required,” according to the company.
The grass is designed to affix to any vertical surface, such as a wall, and also ceilings. Design Grass can be shaped into any design, pattern, or even logo, and Curb says “this unique indoor product allows you to create real green spaces in any commercial environment.”

Curb says Design Grass has been used in a variety of ways, including logos, grass-covered walls and ceilings, in-store retail design, hotel receptions, furniture, architectural design and more.
From the web site, it appears that Design Grass is more often used for commercial purposes, but that isn’t to say it couldn’t be installed in your home. We’re still having flashbacks to the crazy straw wall on “Trading Spaces,” but this does look a lot more appealing. Thanks to our friends at Shelterrific for the heads-up!
Would you use a product like Design Grass in your home? Or do you prefer to keep nature outdoors?
Photo courtesy of Curb

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