The Gutster Demolition Tool

One of the great things about the International Builders Show and the Remodeling Show are the small guys who have an opportunity to share their inventions with the world and hopefully get picked up for distribution.
Marvin Windows shared one of their favorites this year called the Gutster.
James and Wayne Yoson, two contractor brothers from Middlesex, N.J., created the Gutster, a demolition bar that they claim is the best demo tool on the market.
And who are we to argue — especially since the DIY Network named it “Coolest Tool of 2009″?
This is American ingenuity at its best. The brothers simply decided that the old crowbars and pry bars they were using could be improved on, and they proceeded to do just that, creating an entirely new tool. They hand-built 15 prototypes. “When somebody stole mine, I thought I might have something good,” said Wayne with a laugh.

Check out the video below as Chris Grundy from Cool Tools shows you how it’s used and if you want to save some time and energy during your next demo we’ve provided a link to buy it now.

Gutster Series-2 Demolition Bar

Whether you are popping off a single strip of trim or removing an entire roof, the Gutster™ is the lightweight and powerful demo bar designed to do more work in less time with less strain. Pry Bar Type: Demolition, Pieces (qty.): 1, Tool Length (in.): 48 Angled bar provides excellent balance and lifting power The head can get into the smallest crevices Chiseled points for small crevices Raised multi-nail puller Surface multi-nail puller Angled lifter plates Head features spaced prongs designed to straddle beams and joists

[via Marvin Windows]

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