10 Tool Blogs You Need to Know

There are plenty of design and DIY blogs but the world of tool blogs is fairly small and among them a few stand out. These sites cover the latest tools and hardware from all the main manufacturers and they often highlight tool companies that are lesser known.
Some of these tool blogs skew towards the professional while others are geared to the weekend warrior types. Some of them are run by contractors who have relied on tools for years to make a living and know them inside out while others are run by tool fanatics who are obsessed with the technology and design of the newest tools.
In no particular order these are my favorite tool blogs and should be yours too.
A fairly new site from Todd Fratzel who runs Home Construction Improvement. He’s compiled a great group of editors and know their tools inside and out.
The official blog of Ohio Power Tool and edited by Jay Amstutz (pictured above). You’ll find great side by side tool comparisons and they run the incomparable Power Tool Races.
I’ve worked with Stuart a few times and he has a great grasp of the technology behind the tools.
ProTool Reviews
Tom and Clint publish new tool reviews daily and have an active forum of other tool fanatics.
Doug has been writing Toolsnob for years and is one of the first tool bloggers I met. He covers all types of home product but his best reviews are on tools.
Tools In Action
This site has been around for awhile but Dan and Eric are working hard to give it a fresh look.
Chris has worked hard to build a great looking tool blog and I think he’s succeeded. As a carpenter he knows his tools.
Sean and Chuck keep the world’s first tool blog humming along and they often have a unique take on the tool industry that sets them apart.
Honorable Mention
These blogs aren’t necessarily tool focused but they do offer some great reviews and occasional Giveaways from major tool manufacturers. What you will mostly find are great home improvement projects, tutorials and product reviews.
A Concord Carpenter
One Project Closer
Building Moxie
Home Construction Improvement
Ask The Builder
Extreme How-To
We had some fun with some of these tool bloggers and asked them to share what type of truck they drive. One brand was a clear winner.

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  • I have been on the search for some good tool blogs as I’m going to be purchasing several expensive power tools for an upcomming renovation. Hopefully I can find some informative if on on them. Thanks for sharing the list.