Top 5 Eco-Friendly Painting Tools

Sure, you can pick up some low-VOC, environmentally friendly paint. But have you ever thought about your painting tools and supplies? Those brushes, rollers, tarps and cleaning solutions can add to some real mess for the planet if you aren’t careful.
On a hunt for some quality, eco-friendly painting tools, we came across these must-have products for a truly green painting project.
1)Envirobrush Pro – A paint brush that claims to cut down waste by 50%. If it’s next to impossible to clean your paint brush (or if you don’t have a spare ten seconds), simply detach the bristles and reattach a new “bristle pack.” Much less waste and a fresh, new brush for the next painting project you’ll tackle.

2) Harris Down to Earth Rollers – Out of the UK, this paint supply manufacturer has created a roller with a biodegradable handle (made of 65% cornstarch) and a roller sleeve made from recycled plastic bottles. If you can’t get it shipped to your home, bug the local specialty paint store to source it for you.
3) Home Strip Eco Solutions paint remover – Finally, a stripper you can bring home guilt-free (because it’s good for the environment, of course!) This handy little solution will remove anything from lead-based paints to stain and varnishes as well as all oil- and water-based paints. The list of nasty things NOT included in this product is impressive.
4) Warner Tools Biodegradable Scrapers, Paint Mixers and Paint Guides – Now these are cool. Made from biodegradable products like tapioca and potato starch instead of plastics, these handy tools will simply compost away when you’re done with them. Made in the U.S.A. and compliant to BPI standards, this line of tools is green through and through.
5) Your Own Linen Closet – while not a painting tool in itself, your linen closet holds a selection of painting supplies all folded nicely and waiting for use. Take old bed sheets and use as tarps or furniture covers. Raggedy old towels are great for clean up. Trusty old painting clothes are also eco friendly, given that you rescued them from the landfill and will probably wear them until they’re falling apart in tatters.
When the next painting project looms turn to these tools and supplies for a greener job. Easy on the wallet and easier on the planet, they can help to make a traditionally dirty job much cleaner for the environment.
Photo courtesy of sxc/urbanlane

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