Majority Of Homeowners Prioritize Home Improvements

A survey taken by American Express (and reported by MarketWatch of The Wall Street Journal digital network) indicates that a majority of homeowners will continue to invest in home improvements throughout the remainder of the year.
According to survey results, 62 percent of homeowners plan to spend an average of $6,200 on home projects, and young professional and affluent homeowners are both expected to complete a higher number of projects than the general homeowner population.

Specific project statistics include:
*53 percent involve indoor remodeling, with cosmetic work (36 percent), redoing a room (25 percent) and installing new flooring (14 percent) at the top of the list.
*Nearly one in three homeowners will remodel outdoor spaces.
*More than two in five homeowners “are making a conscious effort to invest in green solutions when choosing home improvement materials,” according to the survey results brief.
For additional insight into home improvement spending, check out this earlier post.
Photo courtesy of Young House Love

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