Top 5 New Tools for Your Wish List

Envy. Awe. Uncontrollable desire. Warning – you may experience all of these things when you get a load of these tools. New to the market or just improvements to tried and true favorites, these tools are true must-haves.
OK, get a grip on yourself and try not to drool.

Top 5
5) Dremel Trio
dremel_trio.jpg While not for everybody, you have to admit that Dremels are versatile and downright handy to have around. This little baby lives up to its name, performing all three main functions with ease. Cut, shape and sand a wide variety of materials with the Trio including wood, drywall, plastics, aluminum and even sheets of light-gauge steel. Impressive and under $50 – what else needs to be said?
4) DoubleVsquare
doubleVsquare.jpg I was going to rank this one higher just for the sheer beauty of it, but see what you think. A square that pivots along the edge, this tool does everything you need a standard square to do, but also goes around corners (cool) and opens wide for working with a larger surface area. The best square you’ll ever own, this tool is especially valuable to roofers, fence installers and every single DIY enthusiast you know.
3) Rockwell H3 Rotary Hammer Drill
rockwell_H3.jpg Imagine all of the power you need for drilling through masonry without the weight of a standard hammer drill. The H3 delivers, coming in at an incredible 3 lbs. (hence the name). Your toddler can even lift this one, although that’s obviously not recommended. With 12V power, a lithium ion battery and a collection of bits, the Rockwell H3 is more than handy; it’s horribly necessary.
2) Craftsman Lithium Ion Nextec Four-Piece Tool Kit
Craftsman_Nextec.jpg This set is worth the money if only for the circular saw. The saw’s mini design has a 3 3/8″ blade and runs on a 12V battery, making it ideal for all of those applications where a full size circular saw is overkill. Powerful and dependable, the saw comes with a drill, worklight and sander, creating a complete, essential set.
1) Makita 18V Impact Driver with 3 Speeds
Makita_impact_driver.jpg I’m a die-hard fan of impact drivers, but this one tops them all with its adjustable speed controls. Boasting 1,420 inch-lbs of torque, this tool delivers precision and good plain fun. Even if you already have a favorite impact driver (and who doesn’t?), it’s worth it to add this one to your arsenal.
There you have it, the cream of the crop within the 2010 tool line up. Now go get shopping!

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