Treehouses Never Get Old

We love treehouses at C&H: in fact, the more luxurious or exotic, the better! So when I first spotted these new designs on Casa Sugar about German company Baumraum, I was excited.
Craftsmen at the company include architects to tree experts when it comes time to pick a site and design. They primarily build treehouses in oaks, lime trees, ash trees, beeches, chestnuts, old fruit trees, cedars, pines, and firs. They use their expertise so as not to harm the tree and will use added structural support if necessary.

These hideaways aren’t cheap and can cost between $20,000 and $180,000, which includes design, materials, assembly, and interior furnishing.
Treehouse cabins can be outfitted with insulation, wiring, built-in furniture, a range of seating and reclining areas, plenty of storage space, a mini-kitchen, heating, lighting, entertainment electronics like hi-fi or a flatscreen tv, a minibar, and windows facing in all directions.
What do you think? Will you be saving up for a palace in the sky?
Photo courtesy of CasaSugar

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