Delta Faucet Outlines Emerging Kitchen Trends

Although most of the activities and presentations throughout Delta Faucet’s 2010 Media Day revolved around products and installation, the event also included sporadic discussions of current and upcoming trends.
Being a fashion- and decor-minded person, I enjoyed hearing about how Delta tracks fashion, interior decorating and other trends that influence the design of prototypes and products (more on that in a future post!)
Kurt Backland, project manager for Delta, Peerless and Trade, all in the kitchens division, highlighted a few ongoing kitchen trends that are impacting not only the company’s current products, but also hinting at what’s to come.

  • Single-hole mounts are becoming increasingly popular for faucets, especially as homeowners are gravitating more toward solid surface and granite countertops.
  • Delta offers several product finishes, but the fastest growing? Venetian Bronze, pictured above, that exudes a warm and rustic aesthetic that blends well with a variety of decor.
  • And as technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, Backlund said that the continuation of kitchen technology will manifest in the company’s products. Touch2O is already in use, yet the touch capability is expected to be expanded and refined. Multi-flow is also a growing area that will help refine faucets to fulfill a more specific set of needs and functions.

Photo courtesy of Delta Faucet

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