Use an Additive with Oil-Based Paint To Ensure Excellent Results

While working on our epic antique claw foot tub project, we came across a suggestion to help us with our oil paint for her exterior — moreover, to help ensure the paint application went on as smoothly and evenly as possible that we think could help with all sorts of projects with the DIY set.
While perusing our guilty pleasure Pinterest, we clicked through to a post about painting laminate furniture. There, we found a tip to use oil-based paint for a smooth, even, lacquer-like coat and to use an additive usually regulated to outdoor applications.

The additive, Penetrol, can be used in small amounts (we’re talking tablespoons to gallons) to ensure your ever-fickle oil paint doesn’t set with the evidence of your choice of application tools forever apparent in your project.
Along with this benefit, the product purports to help prevent rust, increase paint adhesion to prevent peeling and blistering, and won’t change paint appearance or quality.
In our situation, we were using both a brush and a roller, so after a bit of research we figured the worst that could happen was nothing and we’d need an extra coat on Clementine. With the same care we took with our first coat of paint, we tackled the second coat and were pleasantly surprised with the results.
Not only did the paint dry smoothly with hardly a trace of a brush stroke or roller mark, but when a fingerprint was accidentally left on the side, it too filled in and dried unblemished.
The manufacturer also makes a product for latex paint, and we’ll most likely be trying that out as well in a future project.
Do you have any tips or tricks to help a paint project look immaculate? Share the wealth in the comments!

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  • Tyler Mays

    My Dad can hang pictures with the best of them.

  • Cynthia Saavedra

    Great Giveaway but Mom was better at home than Dad but I still love him.

  • RobynB

    My dad’s DIY secret…hire someone to do it! Unfortunately, my dad has never been good with his hands!

  • Sheila

    Dad built my bed – best one I’ve ever had

  • beth

    dad showed me and my husband how to hang drywall….a precious trait in this cracked plaster filled fixer-upper.

  • Karen O

    my dad would love the tool set. he’s a handy guy and can do anything!

  • mirror_eyes

    My dad taught me something I use every day: put tools (and other things) away in their places, and you won’t have to waste time looking for them!

  • Amanda V.

    My old car constantly leaked oil, so Dad taught me how to put oil in my car. Sounds simple, but hey, I’m a girl:-)

  • Steve B.

    My dad repairs old electro-mechanical machines such as jukeboxes, pinball, and slot machines. I may never use his tip myself, but he told me that hair oil (yes, off his own head) is the best oil for small moving parts in these machines, and produces better protection than WD-40.

  • Michael

    Dad has always taught me the safe way to use tools — mostly by saying “Son, don’t ever do this the way that I’m doing it.”

  • Karen

    My dad taught me all about fishing, including how to bait my line and clean the fish.

  • Eileen

    My dad made me a hanging “closet” out of chain and some nails when I didn’t have a regular closet in my small apartment in Japan.

  • Cheryl W

    I’m signed up for your newsletter. My Dad taught me how to make my own wood valance boxes for hanging up curtains. Saved a lot of money making them ourselves.

  • Erica Thomas

    I’m subscribed. My dad’s best tip is “preventive maintenance”. He has always worked to keep things in good shape.

  • gaylei

    my dad would love this!

  • gaylei

    oops, forgot to write a DIY tip. one thing he taught me is use a leveler when putting up floating shelves!

    • Thanks for all the great comments! One week left before we select our winner and make a few dads very happy. Please share this contest with all your friends and family.

  • Doreen

    My Dad knows how to hang pics well…:)

  • carogonza

    My dad showed me how to fix a toilet. He showed me how to take out the workings and replace them. It has come in very handy over the years.

  • Gene

    My Dad taught me that you can concentrate harder with your tongue hanging out of the side of your mouth. I never have picked up the habit though; I was always afraid of what would happen when I smashed my thumb with a hammer while “concentrating”!

  • Neal Corcoran

    Summer’s coming up and the ‘to-do’ list is growing….a HD gift card sure would make a nice dent in the project list.

  • andrea

    Great Giveaway! My dad showed my how to use a router to make trim for our bar..

  • I think I learned this more from the mistakes my dad made, but “Measure twice, cut once” has saved me a lot of problems over the years.

  • brenna

    Dad will love it!

  • Heather S

    My Dad’s DIY secret was always have duck tape around. No joke. 🙂

  • Laura

    My dad showed me how to properly use power tools. i don’t know of any true secrets, but he’s a great wood turner!

  • Anne (in Reno)

    My dad still comes over and helps me fix things in my new house. My husband just stays out of our way!

  • willitara

    My dad didn’t teach me any shortcuts. In fact his way of doing things was to take your time and do it right. I learned to thoroughly read instructions for any new product before I started working with it. That alone has saved me a lot of time and frustration.

  • The most important DIY tip my father gave me was to actually finish the job.

  • john matacola

    this would be the perfect gift for me. my children are out in the world and the only gifts i’m recieving are cards that have the words: please send money.

  • My dad has been scoping out new tools for some summer projects. He’s also scoping out help… has his eyes on us! Thanks for a shot at these.

  • Jennifer Halvorson

    When doing any project, it is better to have too many tools than too few.

    Unfortunately learned by trial & error.

  • Theresa Payne

    I need a present and I am running out of time and I been out of money…Help me luck Angels.

  • elise

    Both my dad and my husband (known as “Daddy” to our kids) are do-it-yourselfers. With the economic downturn, a Home Depot gift certificate would allow us to do more for ourselves.

  • Robert

    My dad’s diy secert is to always have a helper. It makes things go easier.

  • Brian Parks

    My pop taught me many things. pay my bill on times, how to ride a bike,throw a baseball and the such. As for fixing things, I know how to change a light bulb without getting shocked, and as new homeowner I wish he taught me more. But I just fixed our water heater on my own. For all you others who have no fatherly advice The key is just a little a patience and about an inch and a half of plumbers crack-3/4 inch for the ladies. Happy Fathers Day DAD!

  • My dad is a DIY whiz after years of “flipping” fixer-uppers. The last tip he gave me was about laying tile. He said, “Get someone who’s really good at tile to lay the first row. That way it won’t be crooked and throw the rest of the tiles off-kilter!”

    I am a subscriber via supercoupongirl AT, which is also where I may be reached if I am so lucky as to win! Thanks so much for the amazing giveaway, I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  • Jason Merrill

    My Dad helped me build a deck, and we added a cement step just the other day. He showed me how to lightly tap the plywood forms after the cement has been poured to get the bubbles out.

  • Rod Kasnick

    My adage is leave it to the experts or go online and find a site that will give you some instruction and advice. My father on the other hand could do anything…and with either hand. He built our first house and made beautiful items from wood and metal. Some of it rubbed off because we all pitched in to help but none of us has his expertise or talent. He was in his 90’s and passed away last year…but until the end he was figuring out ways to make things work more efficiently. We will miss him on Father’s Day (and every day).

  • Rust

    DIY – use WD40 to  get grease off of cement