Use Your Raised Garden Bed As A Winter Compost Pile

This holiday week (for those of us in the US) think twice before disposing of waste before and after your event. You could be saving yourself some work in the garden come springtime if you start thinking ahead and start composting now!


You don’t need a fancy gadget or special container to start composting — just a space you can cover and maintain warmth and moisture with plenty of worms to start creating the best fertilizer for your spring plants. And what space would be better than your most-likely empty raised garden bed?

Even if you live in colder climates, you can utilize your already-constructed raised garden bed to begin a compost pile to use in the spring. All you’ll need is something to cover it, and for good measure maybe a few worms to help the process along.

So when you’re finishing up yardwork this week before your relatives arrive, instead of bagging those leaves just throw them in your raised bed. And throughout meal preparation and afterwards with inedible leftovers, just add them to your pile, rake it all around, douse it with a quick spurt from the hose or a watering can full of water, cover it back up, and go along your merry way.

Just make sure throughout the winter you return to your pile to move it around and keep it moist to help decomposition progress. And with a minimal amount of effort this holiday season you’ll be not only be taking steps to be greener, you’ll be a few steps ahead in the spring to make sure you have the best fruits, vegetables, and greenery on your table all summer long.

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