Where To Install Smoke Alarms In Your Home

Installing smoke alarms throughout your home — and keeping them in proper working condition — is one of the most important things you can do to protect your family and pets.
The National Fire Protection Association estimates that nearly two-thirds of home fire deaths result in homes that lack working smoke alarms.
If you live in a small space or are, like me, in a one-room loft, it’s fairly easy to determine where you should install smoke detectors and you probably need only one or two to ensure adequate protection. But in a larger home, heed these installation tips from the NFPA:

+ Smoke alarms should be installed in every bedroom, outside of each separate sleeping area and on every level of your home. Don’t overlook your basement, if you have one.
+ And once you’ve installed your alarms, make sure they’re all interconnected so that if one is triggered, they all sound.
+ Smoke alarms should be installed on the ceiling or on the highest point of a wall.
+ Test your smoke alarms on a monthly basis by hitting the test button. Batteries should be changed once a year. Experts recommend timing this battery change with a significant annual event, such as Daylight Saving Time, to help you remember when to complete the task.
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