Fireworks Safety Tips To Ensure Everyone Has a Great Time

fireworks safety2

We’ve had our close calls with fireworks growing up and its always because we were being dumb. If you always remember that fireworks are unpredictable and take care to protect yourself then you should have no problems. But here are some reminders for this year’s festivities.


Fireworks are unpredictable

You light a firecracker and it doesn’t go off or it goes off unexpectedly. These are mass-produced items containing gunpowder and they are made to make sounds and lights not perform in any type of consistent manner. Always assume that a firework is live after you light it. Also, don’t think that all fuses will burn in the same manner – some will go much quicker than others (note: lighting black cats while holding them then throwing them is not recommended)

Fire is a real danger

The problem with fireworks is that you should light them in areas far away from other people but this puts you out in the woods, desert or brush where they become more of a fire danger than if you lit them on your street. Make sure you have a large clearing area before lighting your displays.


Bottle rockets, whistlers, and roman candles should be fired from a solid launch platform that won’t fall over or impeded the projectile in any way. They should be aimed to fire straight into the air. Consider dropping them down a metal pipe that is firmly planted in the ground. (note: lighting bottle rockets while holding them then letting them launch from your hand is not recommended)

Don’t drink and light fireworks

You need your wits about you when lighting fireworks and alcohol will impede your judgment. Resist the sauce for a few hours before lighting fireworks and you’ll be better off.

Child safety

Kids love fire and sparklers might seem harmless but they are very dangerous. They should only be used with adult supervision. We don’t recommend them for kids under 12.

Have fun and stay safe!!!

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