Build the Ultimate Home Workout Space

Gyms are expensive and if you’ve got the space at home, why not invest a bit in building and setting up a home workout space. Not just a home gym with some weights and a Soloflex but a real place to do your favorite workout whether that’s lifting weights, running, biking, basketball or yoga.
You are the true expert when it comes to doing the workout you enjoy and here are 7 steps to building the ultimate home workout space.
1. Make it Fun
Why don’t you go to the gym? Because it stopped being fun. The same goes for your home workout space. If it’s a room with a treadmill, it will soon become the least used room in the house. Take time to design the room and add some color or motivational posters or mirrors, whatever you need to get your juices flowing.
2. Pump up the Volume
If you’re at home then ditch the ear buds and setup a nice sound system in your workout room. Music is a great motivator and not as distracting as a television.
3. Keep it Clean
Don’t let your workout room become storage or you’ll be reminded of all the stuff you need to do or get rid of. Keep the room clean so you can stay focused on your workout.
4. What Sport Do You Love?
Follow your gut and setup a space to practice your favorite sport. Basketball hoops are easy and if you’ve got room a lacrosse goal is fun to shoot on if that’s your thing. You’ll be surprised at how many homes have wrestling mats in the basement or yoga bars. If you’ve got kids this is where the good ones start which is early.
5. Share with Friends
Don’t hog all the fun, share your new workout space with your friends and invite them over for a game of basketball on your new DIY court or have them do a workout with you with your new recumbent bike.
6. Be Kind to Neighbors
If you’ve got an outdoor workout space, be respectful to neighbors when it comes to sounds and lighting. Nobody likes to hear basketballs bouncing while they are enjoying dinner with their family.

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