Needing Neutrals? Think Gray, Not Beige

Although bright or deep hues can certainly make a statement in any room, there’s no denying the power of neutrals. Besides adding a timeless appeal, choosing a neutral wall color makes it easier for you to change the look of a room by swapping accessories and other accents, a tactic that tends to be easier on the wallet.
For years, beige has ruled over the neutral palette. The warm yet unobtrusive color combines with a range of shades to create a variety of looks. More recently, however, gray has begun to overtake beige in popularity, and interior design experts predict it will soon become one of the most popular neutral shades.
The great thing about gray is that it’s available in a range of hues, meaning you can go light or dark, depending on your personal preference. Although gray is a cool color, you can easily add warmth with pops of yellow, orange or red. Tip? Primary color accents are huge right now, if you’re into trend-watching.

Gray is also wonderful when paired with purple, blue, sage or even a crisp white trim. It’s an undeniably versatile shade that can work in any room of your home.
Before you settle on the perfect shade of gray, grab a few sample jars and paint a swatch on your wall. Study how the changing light throughout the day affects the color to make sure you’re happy with it at all times.
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