Remove Sag and Level Your Ride with Air Lift LoadLifter Air Springs

Last year I purchased my dream truck, a 2020 Ram 2500. I’ve been modding it quickly to suit my needs, like adding a Retrax bed cover and installing ceramic tint. The main reason for buying the truck was to haul a new travel trailer which will make weekend adventures much more comfortable.

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After purchasing a travel trailer and going on a few trips, it became apparent that my truck needed a bit more support for the rear end. I was sagging, and although I was using a weight-distribution hitch with sway bars, it wasn’t enough.

Air Lift LoadLifter 7500 XL

To remedy this issue I chose the LoadLifter 7500 XL Air Spring Kit to maximize the load-leveling capacity in case down the road I swap my current bumper pull trailer with a fifth wheel.  It might be overkill for anything I will use them for but having extra capacity can’t hurt. 

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Here’s my full review of the Air Lift LoadLifter 7500 XL system.

One notable difference between the 7500 XL and the 5000 version, besides load-leveling capacity, is that the 5000 version has an internal bounce bumper to prevent bottom-out and the 7500 XL is all air springs.  Pairing the bags with the WirelessONE compressor makes adjustments on the fly a snap. 

The provided remote allows for two presets and the app allows three.  Having an adjustable PSI range (in increments of 1) between 5-100 allows you to customize the ride.  At the time of this write up I’ve driven about 1,000 miles post install including a couple camping trips fully loaded with gear. 

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The ride difference was noticeable immediately; the bucking while towing was basically gone with the weight distribution hitch hooked up and without the hitch bucking was substantially decreased.  When not under any load the back end did feel a bit stiffer. 

WirelessONE Compressor

Using the compressor to air up/down is very convenient and quick, once you have the presets programmed in the system, it is one touch and go.  You can opt to skip the compressor and inflate/deflate manually (I’d suggest using some type of cordless compressor) but the simplicity, convenience, and ease of the WirelessONE makes it worth the consideration. 

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It is really nice to pull up to the storage unit when getting the trailer and just inflating the bags up; I know I would forget ahead of time to inflate or sometimes we are already out so just swinging by is nice too.  It is also nice when camping to easily inflate/deflate when not hooked to the trailer to go explore and I don’t have to carry another piece of equipment or check the PSI when adjusting. 

Air Lift Installation

Air Lift does an amazing job detailing the install process with the instructions included.  Step by step directions along with excellent pictures really made this a straightforward process. 

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In addition, there are a lot of install videos on the web to watch and get comfortable before tackling the project. I am no mechanic and would rate myself a very average handyman but after watching others do the install online and seeing the provided directions felt I could get the job done. 

air lift air springs 04

Tools needed are pretty basic: a socket set, tube cutter, torque wrench, hex sockets, and maybe a drill with a 5/16” bit are all that you’ll need. 

This kit was put on a 2020 RAM 2500 with a leveling kit on the front.  Tires are 35″ x 12.5” wide.  Since the truck has a pretty high stance naturally my hope was to not remove the rear tires or need to use a jack…one out of two isn’t bad! 

The entire kit is basically bolt-on, I only needed to drill one hole (to ground the compressor).  Air Lift recommends removing the wheels to install the bags but I was able to leave mine on (it would have been easier if they were removed). 

air lift air springs 02

The rear end did need to be lifted a bit to make space for the bags; a jack was used for that portion but otherwise I was able to lay under the truck and run the air lines and compressor.  Air lines were tucked above the spare tire with a manual inflation valve added to the back of the truck in case the compressor ever has an issue. 

air lift air springs 09

The WirelessONE is mounted easily with the provided EZ mount, which is a U bolt that attaches to the frame.  The biggest hurdle I encountered was drilling a hole to attach the ground wire to the frame.  Air Lift provides a self-tapping screw but I didn’t have much luck with it so needed to drill a pilot hole.  That took some time due to a lack of space between the frame and the body for a drill.  Once I had it grounded the wiring was smooth sailing. 

air lift air springs 05

The instructions provided for WirelessONE installation were also clear and obvious.  All in I spent most of a Sunday installing the entire kit.  Probably could have been faster but I really took my time to run the lines and wiring so it would be clean and tucked away and I wasn’t in any hurry.

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Final Thoughts

I’m very impressed with the difference it has made in both stability and ride, the ease of use, how well it works, and the installation process. 

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The air bags and WirelessONE would be a welcome addition to any rig; it would be the first thing I would do to any tow vehicle I have.  While I love the WirelessONE and think it is worth including in the kit it is not required to have the airbags. 

If budget is tight you can always go with the bags first and upgrade the WirelessONE later (although if you can swing it, I highly recommend the entire kit).   

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