Tips to Fix Your Air Conditioner

This post is brought to you from the miserable land of no A/C. Yep — after arriving home last night from the DeWALT tool launch (more on that soon), my husband confronted me with the bad news: our A/C is out.
Coincidentally, this is happening during the hottest weekend so far in Kansas City. We lease a loft, so I’ve got a call into our maintenance department. In the meantime, however, I decided to research common A/C issues and found a few tips that may help if you’re experiencing a similar situation. Give these a try before you call in a repair person — you just may save a bundle of money (and your sanity!)
1. Check your thermostat. Some thermostats are battery-operated, so switch out your batteries for fresh ones.
2. Check fuses and reset buttons. You can try resetting the air conditioner‘s fuse at your electrical box. Inspect your air conditioner to see if it has a reset button, which can also act as a fuse.
3. Patience. If your air conditioner isn’t working after a power outage or a blown circuit breaker, turn everything off and wait 15-20 minutes. It takes about this long for an A/C unit to power back on after a tripped circuit. Then try powering everything back on and see if that kicks the air conditioner in gear.

4. Research your specific model. Consult an instruction manual or Google your air conditioner model to see if you can find specific instructions that may fit your particular unit. You may find additional troubleshooting tips to try that may solve the problem.
If all else fails, you just might have to call a repair professional. In the meantime, use my method: lots of ice water, sitting still and turning on every fan you own. Plus, you can enjoy this guilt-free reason to indulge in ice cream and other refreshing treats.
If you have any tips or stories to share about a broken air conditioner, I’d love to commiserate. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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