All of Your Yard Tools Should Be Battery-Powered and Here’s Why

battery-powered trimmer

99% of homeowners should use battery-powered yard tools. There is no reason why anyone should choose a gas-powered tool, and the market has reflected that with dwindling sales. In this article, I make the case why battery-powered yard tools are superior to gas in almost every way.

Battery-Powered Outdoor Power Equipment is Cleaner

Gas-powered outdoor power equipment (OPE) is extremely messy. There are opportunities for spilling gas and oil throughout the process of ownership. From filling the tank at the gas station, mixing the oil, and filling your equipment.

greenworks mower

The simple process of mowing or edging your lawn can quickly become an hour of troubleshooting an engine that won’t start and cleaning out oil stains from your favorite pants.

Just ditch the oil and gas all together and the only mess from yard work will be the clippings.

Battery-Powered Outdoor Power Equipment is Better for the Environment

OPE can be messy for you and your tool shed, but it also presents a mess for the environment. Two and four-stroke engines that power these outdoor tools are some of the dirtiest combustible engines when it comes to the fumes and nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide chemicals they put out.

Yes, advancements have been made in making these engines run cleaner, but you’re still relying on a fossil-fuel burning engine to maintain your yard. This seems like such an antiquated idea in 2021.

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Engines also produce waste in the form of filters, cartridges, bottles, and whatever other type of trash that can be directly attributed to maintaining and powering a gas engine.

Don’t forget your local environment and the noise and exhaust a gas tool emits. Endear yourself to our neighbors and your family by ditching gas.

As a bonus–No more smelly clothes!!!

Battery-Powered Outdoor Power Equipment is More Efficient

The advancement in lithium-ion battery technology is light years from what it was 10 even 5 years ago. Engineers have not only been able to pack more cells into battery packs, but they’ve also improved the lifespan, runtime, and charge time for these batteries.

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Many battery-powered outdoor tools are now brushless, which means less heat and noise are produced, therefore maintenance is lowered. Brushless tools used to be only available at a premium price point, but now brands like Greenworks and others are offering brushless tools as standard.

A battery-powered tool can weigh more than a gas-powered counterpart, but if you’ve got a small to medium-sized yard you can opt for a lower amp-hour battery which will be small and lighter.

Battery-Powered Outdoor Power Equipment is a Better Value

Time is money and after you calculate all of the extra time dealing with fuel, maintenance, and tuneups, a gas-powered tool is going to cost you a lot more than a battery-powered one.

Cordless tools still require care and maintenance, but it’s very minimal compared to a gas tool.


The real value kicks in after you invest in your first tool and battery. The batteries can cost as much as the tools, and after you buy one, you can simply purchase the tool only when expanding your set.

We’ve been very happy with the Greenworks Pro 60V line of tools, which are designed for the homeowner but have plenty of power. From small to large yards, the 60V line offers over 40 tools to get the job done.

Save yourself the hassle and help protect the environment–go with a battery-powered cordless outdoor power tool.

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