Black Friday Deals from Rockwell Tools

Rockwell is offering some Black Friday deals on some of their most popular products and you can shop them from the comfort of your home with these online discounts.
Black Friday deals include:
Rockwell BladeRunner, $159.00, plus free shipping
Rockwell VersaCut Saw, $119.00, plus free shipping
Rockwell JawHorse & Plywood Jaw, $169.00, plus free shipping
Rockwell JawHorse & Work Table, $169.00, plus free shipping
These special exclusive online offers will be available on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24 and Black Friday, Nov. 25, 2011.
Start shopping here.

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  • Allison

    You also have to be careful of the type of roof material. If it’s shingles I think you have to build a box to go between the skylight and the shingles. Something to check into.

  • johnnyp

    I am glad I read your post thoroughly . This not a project for the DIY. Framing and installation, maybe, but as far as making it weather tight leave it to a pro roofer. I learned the hard way. I installed three large vlux windows and had a couple of friends finish the flashing and roofing. These were guys are pros, but not roofers. They did everything right, ice and water barrier , brass boat nails , silicon caulk and still had leaks. Other issues prompted me to reroof and I was surprised to see there was no trace of where the leaks were ,no rotting or wet wood. I convinced the roofer to give an additional year on the warranty and he didn’t hesitate to agreeing.
    This problem persisted for intermittently for seven years.My buddies were often asking about these windows, confident that everything was done right and couldn’t for the life of them figure out why, even after numerous inspections, stop gap measures and inspection of photos I took . It has been 9 months with no issues .The contractor I used does residential roofs only and was quite confident this problem would not reoccur.
    First time visitor , like your page.

  • Ohh, I thought you can just install a skylight anytime. Well if that’s the case, I must consult someone before I put up my skylight next month. I’m sure it will look great on our roof.