Clean Up Yard Waste With Compostable Lawn Bags

With autumn drawing to a close, it’s time to address the arduous task of cleaning up all those gorgeous fall leaves strewn about your yard.
However, many waste management companies and municipalities are requiring that yard waste be bagged before being disposed of … which means you have to go out and buy those giant paper bags to accommodate the season’s foliage. Not exactly the most green solution, not to mention a general hassle.
But how do you dispose of yard waste according to the rules while making the least environmental impact as possible?

A company out of Columbus, Ohio (Go Buckeyes!) has created the dsolve system, a compostable yard waste disposal system. Made of a biodegradable plant-based polymer, the mesh dsolv bags break down in compost piles, hold 50% more than your average yard waste paper bag, and are tear-resistant.
The product website claims that the bags are great for all your yard waste year round — not just for leaves or grass clippings, but also for spring pruning and year-round gardening. How it works appears to be that you use a “funnel” (which looks like a pop-up laundry hamper without a bottom) to get the mesh bad rigid, and when you’re finished, you simply remove the funnel from the mesh bag, tie it off, and haul it away with the carrying handle.
If that’s not awesome enough, a portion of their profits go towards the development and maintenance of park lands in the communities where dsolv is sold. They’re available in limited release starting right now, but should be in the mass market by Spring 2011. You can purchase the starter kit from the website, as well as refill bags.
Will you be trying out the dsolv system? If you do, let us know how it works out in the comments below.

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