Get pHin to Balance Your Pool

Owning and maintaining a pool can be heaven or cause heartbreak. We love our pool and hot tub, but when the chemistry gets out of whack it can take days to get it back on track.

Thanks to pHin we can now receive up to the minute alerts on the sanitizer, pH, and temperature levels. Just open the app and take a look.

pHin will also alert us if the chemicals are unbalanced, so we don’t have to wait for it to turn green before doing something about it.

There are many environmental factors that affect water chemistry like: usage, weather, water temperature, sunlight exposure, etc. pHin’s built-in intelligence takes all of that collected information, analyzes it and then creates recommendations based on your pool or hot tub’s unique averages.

This means that pHin’s recommendations may be different from what you are used to or what your pool store recommends, but we find when customers follow our recommendations their pools are more likely to stay balanced.

We’ve got an extra large and deep pool, and pHin accurately determined the correct levels to keep it safe and swimmable.

Other features include:

  • pHin Smart Monitor, Wireless Bridge, and Mobile App
  • 1 year Warranty*
  • 1 year Monitoring Subscription for alerts and chemical recommendations*
  • Works with chlorine, bromine, and salt
  • Works with all sizes of pools, hot tubs, and swim spas

The pHin costs $349 and includes a free year of monitoring. After that, it’s $99 per year. We believe it’s money well spent for peace of mind, and pHin is an invaluable tool for those who maintain their own pools and hot tubs.

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