Go Retro With Vintage Metal Cabinets

Just as vintage clothes can inject a dose of retro glamour into your wardrobe, vintage home furnishings, appliances and other items add a dose of timeless appeal to your interior. In the kitchen, vintage metal cabinets can be a great way to combine retro form and function.
Popular in the 40s and 50s, metal cabinets later fell out of style and were replaced by particleboard varieties that were adorned with various veneers. A benefit to metal cabinets is that they’re sturdy, solid and easy to clean.
Although metal cabinets are often cheaper than solid wood cabinets, they can still be pricey and are sometimes hard to find, especially those that are in good shape. Try your area flea markets or salvage stores for options.

Once you’ve located cabinets, they may need a fresh coat of paint. We found a great tutorial from eHow that guides you through the project. You’ll want to stock up on both primer and spray paint that are designed for metal surfaces. Depending on the paint color and the condition of the cabinets, you may need to apply several coats of paint. Just make sure the cabinets have thoroughly dried in between applications.
Do you favor a vintage look in your home, or are you a fan of more modern decor? Let us know your personal style!
Photo: Flickr.com/designbuildinhabit

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