The All-New Greenworks 60V Battery-Powered Mower is a Huge Upgrade


greenworks mower

Last summer I visited Greenworks HQ in Mooresville, NC, and saw first-hand the all-new Greenworks Pro 60V battery-powered outdoor power tools. I’ve finally got my hands on a few of the tools and they perform even better than the pre-production units I used 6 months ago.

Across the lineup, the tools are improved and offer more power, longer-runtime, and updated designs, but the tool that makes the biggest leap forward is the Greenworks Pro 60V Max cordless self-propelled lawnmower (MO60L514).

IMG 4973

Here are the standout features that immediately make this model a front-runner for the best cordless mower.

User-Friendly Controls

The most striking difference between the 1st and 2nd Gen 60V Greenworks mowers are the hand controls. The standard green and black metal pull bars have been replaced by gray and green plastic levers. The levers work independently and require a very light touch. 

IMG 4886

To start the mower you need to pull one of the gray levers and press the green button in the center. The button is conveniently located but high enough to prevent little hands from reaching it.

To operate the self-propelled feature you’ll need to start the mower and then squeeze one of the green levers to get the mower moving. 

IMG 4897

The speed control is easy to adjust with just your thumb and uses visual cues of a turtle and a rabbit to indicate the speed.

The design of these controls is much more appealing and they are much easier to use.

Dual Batteries

This new mower will provide 90 minutes of continuous runtime without ever having to switch out batteries. How does it do this?

IMG 4884

The dual port auto switchover allows the mower to switch from one battery to the next once the battery power is depleted. No more running back to your shop to switch out batteries or waiting for one to charge.

There is an onboard fuel gauge so you can see how much power you have left in each battery.

IMG 4890

You will need a second 5.0 Ah battery that is not included to take advantage of this feature.

SmartCut Technology

Greenworks is tackling the issue of runtime by applying SmartCut technology to the mower speed.

IMG 4905

This technology adjusts performance and detects changes in cutting conditions. It applies more or less power based on what is needed. Low cut and sparse lawns will draw less power than higher and more dense grass and weeds. 

This mower also has a turbo boost to assist you in cutting through the toughest terrain.

EZ Fold Handle

The previous generation mower had a folding handle but it was a bit awkward to use. To lower the handle on this new mower you simply pull on the two levers on each side of the handle.

IMG 4899

You can use these levers to adjust the height of the handle when in use or to fold the handle flat when you want to put the mower in storage. 

It’s easy to lift the mower on it’s end and small enough to store in a utility closet.

IMG 4903

The competition among cordless mowers is tough, but with the improvements that Greenworks has implemented, there is little doubt that this mower will be a top seller for them.

You can find this mower at your local Lowe’s or online at

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