Home Security Systems Aren’t Just For Vacation

People often think home security systems are only useful when they’re not at home — say, going on vacation or even just the day-to-day of going to work, driving the kids around, eating out and the like. But home security systems aren’t just for when your house is empty.
Home security systems are ideal for situations like I’m in right now — my husband is out of town chaperoning a school field trip, and I’m here alone with the kids, cats, and that Chihuahua.

Sure, it isn’t that different from my every day activities — I’m often the only adult here, and just as often I’m 100% okay with it. In all honesty, though, we live in an economically depressed area that our family has been battling crime literally across the street since the beginning of the year. And when you don’t have off-street parking, any observant neighbor could make note of the lack of my husband’s car in front of our home, potentially leaving me vulnerable to a bevy of situations.
I’m not one to buy into the tropes about defenseless women and the like, but I will admit knowing we’ve made our displeasure with the activites across the street known for some time now, I’m not blind to the fact that retribution could be coming our way, and it may be more likely with just me at home.
This could be true in multiple situations, such as having a house- or babysitter. Think of all the times you or your partner goes away for business. What would you do if the unthinkable — whether it be a break-in, fire, or plain old power outage — happened and you were home alone? Or, in my case, how would I protect my kids (and my pets, and my home) if someone were to target my house this weekend without a home security system? That piece of mind from your control panel isn’t just for your annual summer vacation, but actually for the everyday moments of vulnerability we all forget we have.
I’ve let the friendly neighbors we have know that I’m on my own this weekend, so if any funny business goes down they’ll be on the lookout. Just like it doesn’t hurt to have an extra set of eyes in the neighborhood, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra layer of security protecting my family, even when we’re not all here. Can you say the same?
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