Hot Tub Hydrotherapy at Home

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The benefits of hot tub hydrotherapy are nothing new. Humans have been enjoying lounging in natural hot springs for centuries.

Baths were a central part of ancient Roman culture, and onsens remain vital to the Japanese experience. We can enjoy the same benefits of a hot spring, in our own home with a hot tub or spa. 

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Soaking in a warm body of water not only feels good but when it’s combined with a pulsating jet massager, your body is in for a real treat.

What is Hydrotherapy?

In simple terms, hydrotherapy is the use of water for pain relief and treatment. Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans are all known to have used and benefited from hydrotherapy. 

Physiotherapist in swimming pool treats patient with hydrotherapy to aid recovery and rehabilitation for physical and/or neurological injury

Hydrotherapy can be applied in various ways, but the most common use in modern times is through raised water temperature and water pressure. Combined, this stimulates blood circulation and in turn, promotes healing and the treatment of a variety of illnesses.

One of the most amazing hydrotherapy sessions we’ve ever had was when we visited the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Yes, it’s touristy, but warm water, modern architecture, and Icelandic landscape combine to make a fantastic experience that is worth every penny. 

People relaxing in Blue Lagoon geothermal spa, Svartsengi Geothermal Power Station in the distance, Grindavik, Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland, Polar Regions

We can’t recreate the Blue Lagoon in Los Angeles, but we can gain the same benefits with an at-home spa.

Who Is It For?

Hydrotherapy is beneficial to professional athletes for faster recovery and treatment of injuries, but it can be just as useful for everyday folks who are seeking pain relief for their back, neck, shoulders, and arms. 

In addition to sore joints and muscles, studies have shown that hydrotherapy can help treat forms of mental illness, osteoarthritis, and eczema and other skin conditions.

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I grew up playing sports and still surf, train in jiu-jitsu, and roll around with my two boys. My wife was a ballet dancer and currently spins and lifts weights six days a week. We nurse occasional injuries and I’m always fighting to maintain a good posture. 

In addition to helping us recover physically, we’ve found hydrotherapy to be the perfect way to unwind and relax after a busy day or week at work or with the kids. The mental and emotional benefits are just as important as the physical.

Home Hydrotherapy Options

Jet bathtubs became popular a few years ago, but have recently fallen out of favor for larger above ground hot tubs and spas. The only advantage that a jet bathtub has is that it is smaller and can conveniently be used indoors.

But they are difficult to clean and repair and are very limited with massage options.

bullfrog jetpacks

Hot tubs and spas provide much more water pressure than a jet tub and in the case of a Bullfrog spa, you can personalize the jets to match what your body needs.

JetPak Therapy System

We’ve covered the JetPak system in our review of the Bullfrog STIL 7 hot tub. It’s a hot tub hydrotherapy system that allows you to customize the jets in your hot tub based on personal preference.


There are up to 18 different JetPaks for their A & R series tubs, and 6 JetPaks to choose from for their STIL spas.

The JetPaks vary in water jet location, pressure intensity, and water movement. This allows you to pinpoint your problem areas. 

If you ever have an injury or need to massage a different area, you can always buy additional JetPaks and switch them out as needed. The process of changing JetPaks is extremely easy.

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To change JetPaks:

1. Turn off the jets.

2. Lift and remove the headrest.

3. Pull the JetPak in towards the hot tub.


4. Lift the JetPak straight up and out of the hot tub.


4. Place the JetPak right side up in an area where it can drain.


5. Insert new JetPak straight down and make sure it is sealed tight.

6. Replace headrest.


7. Turn on jets and enjoy.

While you’ve got the JetPak out, it’s also a good idea to vacuum the area below the Jetpak, as well as the bottom of your hot tub.

Check Your Local Dealer

We want to give a big thanks to our local Bullfrog Spa dealer, Bruce Gold, at California Hot Tubs. We first met Bruce last year when we were first looking at hot tubs, and he’s always provided plenty of information and none of the pushy sales stuff. 

Hot tubs are a really big purchase, but if you require hydrotherapy for health reasons, there is hardly any substitute.

Plus, hot tubs are FUN!


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