How To Maximize A Small Bathroom

Whether it’s a closet-like powder room or a pint-sized full bath, dealing with a small bathroom can be a headache when it comes to design and functionality.
If you’ve been suffering from small bathroom-itis, fear not. We’ve got some tips on how you can maximize your space that hit all budget levels and DIY expertise.

* Light tricks:
Adding light to a bathroom can make it seem larger and airier. Try installing a recessed light above the shower, or, if your space allows, install a small window to allow for natural light. Plus, it’s amazing how invigorating a shower can feel with an accompanying burst of fresh air (we speak from experience!)

* Double duty: Consider installing a small vanity in place of a typical washstand. That way, you’ll maximize your storage space without worrying about an additional etagere or other furniture that will likely get in the way. Make the most of the room’s wall space, too, by hanging towel hooks or a small, wall-mounted shelf or cabinet.
* Bright white: Using white throughout your bathroom’s decor — whether it’s the walls, ceiling, accessories or all of the above, also creates an illusion of a larger, more open space. If you want to go above and beyond paint, try subway tiles or vinyl wainscoting. Both are waterproof, easy to clean and add architectural depth.
Of course, a small powder room is also a great space in which to experiment with vibrant colors, eye-catching prints or statement-making architectural details. You’re likely to be less overwhelmed than if you opted for the same decor in a large room, so feel free to experiment!
* Shower power: If you’re really tight on space, you may want to eliminate the bathtub and install a walk-in shower. You’ll save a bit of square footage and, with the right design, create a more seamless look to the room.
* Fixture fix: Faucets and showerheads may seem like tiny details, but even they can help if you’re tight on space. Ceiling-mounted showerheads and centerset sink faucets are great swaps for your existing fixtures, and can easily be replaced in a couple of hours.
Have you dealt with the inconvenience of a small bathroom or powder room? Let us know your tips and tricks!

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