Appliance Buying Tips

I have luckily (knock on wood) haven’t had to buy any major appliances yet. I know, I know. I’ve always been able to get great hand-me-downs or move into a place that was properly outfitted. But now that my refrigerator is making a strange buzzing noise, I’m starting to panic. I’ve read up on tips for buying major appliances over at This Old House and I had to share their great advice.
1. Ask Around – Check in with friends, neighbors and family. See if they’re happy with a particular brand or product and find out their gripes too.
2. Avoid The Impulse – It’s easy to get carried away by looks (“I realize now that I neeeeeed a red dishwasher!”) but wait for a sale. According to This Old House, the best time to shop is the fall.

3. Take Measurements – If you’re eyeballing if that stove will fit in your new kitchen, well, don’t. Take measurements of the space and ask a salesperson for a model that will fit in the room – and through your doorway.
To read all of This Old House’s tips – read the full article here. And print it out the next time you go shopping.

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