The New Leatherman FREE K-Series Is the Knife You’ve Been Waiting For

Leatherman FREE K

The Leatherman K-Series is the last of their FREE line of multi-tools launched this year. It started with the P-Seriesa pliers-based multitool, then came the T-Series, a pocket tool designed for everyday carry functionality, and finally the K-Series, a multipurpose knife.

What’s unique about the FREE platform is that it features a first-of-its-kind magnetic architecture and a never-before-used proprietary locking system that integrates magnets making it easier for to open, handle, and close the tools with one hand. 

Leatherman FREE K-Series

The new Leatherman FREE K Series is a collection of multipurpose knives. Designed for the folding knife user who wants multipurpose functionality, the primary implement in this collection is a 3.35-inch, high-quality 420 steel blade ready for just about everything.

The K series features Leatherman FREE design including epic haptics, distinct click to provide auditory confirmation that the tool is open and ready for use, proprietary magnetic closures with premium aluminum handle, and eight additional tools located within the handle.

Leatherman Free Features

– The collection features a first-of-its-kind magnetic architecture and a never-before-used proprietary locking system that integrates magnets making it easier for to open, handle, and close the tools.

– The unique design offers the ability to open and close every feature with one hand, providing greater accessibility.

– The internal locking system reduces the wear and tear on the individual implements which makes the Free tools even more durable than their predecessors.

– The redesigned platform enables external tools to be opened with a simple push of the thumb, eliminating nail nicks.

– Each tool opens and closes with haptic feedback, giving users the confidence that the tool is ready for use.

– The team used 35 years of Leatherman fan insight and feedback as a foundation for the product development.

– The new collection features multiple design patents, is made in the USA in Leatherman’s factory in Portland, Oregon, and comes with Leatherman’s industry-leading, 25-year guarantee.

The Leatherman FREE K Series launches at on Oct. 10th. MSRP for K2 and K2X is $79.95 and K4 and K4X is $89.95. 

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