Stop Searching and Start Finding with LED Under-Cabinet Lighting


We all have them.  The dark spaces in our house that never seem to get enough light.  Whether it’s under the kitchen cabinets, in the pantry or down in the storage closet, there are many spaces that we just need more light! However, we don’t need it so badly that we want to break the bank to get it.

Mr Beams LED Under-Cabinet Light is a low-cost, wireless lighting option that is perfect for those dark spaces in and around the home.


This is the first, bright DIY LED Under-Cabinet light to hit the market – and for just $29.99 for two.  Just the size of an iPhone, each light sheds 40 lumens of light brightening countertops, closets, pantries, etc.  Even better, it is a hands-free motion sensor so it saves energy and only turns on when someone is in the area. The light also features an adjustable auto shut-off time.


And to keep it easy, the light installs with just tape – no electrician needed.  The light comes in white or brown to blend in with any home décor.

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