Lose Soffits, Gain Cabinet Space

What is a soffit, you say? It is the drywall or plaster ‘box’ above your short upper cabinets that connects to the ceiling creating typically a dead space of six to twelve inches. Most soffits were placed in homes for past style trends and tend to bury either electrical wiring or plumbing, or both.
Typically in a remodel, my motto as a designer is if something can live in a soffit, it can live just as happy inside a taller upper cabinet.
So, what to do with the dreaded soffit if they are currently in your kitchen?
One option is… REMOVAL, people!
By removing the soffit (during demo phase of your kitchen remodel) your new kitchen cabinets can now extend to the ceiling, which will offer sometimes a foot of storage all around your perimeter.

Now I know it is tall storage and one must access it with a step stool, but it’s a great spot for those items you may only need once or twice a year. Think; Holiday dishes, rice cooker, crock pots, vases, etc. Better to store in your kitchen than down in the basement, correct?
The other major benefit is I hear my clients say, “Wow, my room looks so much taller!” The now larger upper cabinets (typically going from a 30″ high to a 36″ or 42″ high) draws your eye up and creates the image of a taller space without actually changing the ceiling a bit.
Removing the soffits can make a HUGE difference in your kitchen design and give you storage that was once lost.
Here are a couple examples of what I did for my clients, by removing their soffits.
Before soffit removal
After soffit removal
Before soffit removal
After soffit removal

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