New Lead Paint Laws Updated

The new lead paint rule instituted by the EPA that requires special handling when remodeling all pre-1978 homes has now been slightly altered.

Beginning today, all contractors performing renovation, repair or painting work in homes built before 1978 must follow lead-safe work practice requirements. A new EPA rule removes a provision from existing regulations that allowed owner-occupants of pre-1978 homes to “opt-out” of having their contractors follow lead-safe work practices if there were no children under six years of age in the home.

On paper this rule sounds good and makes sense but it’s also having a negative impact on homeowners, remodelers and contractors. This regulation went into effect April 22nd of this year with a provision that homeowners could opt-out if their home was built pre-1978 and there were no children under the age of six in the home but now that option is now longer available.

Home Construction Improvement has shared some concerns from the contractors point-of-view in terms of increased costs that will ultimately trickle down to the consumer. Contractors now have to have additional training and jobs require additional labor time all of which costs more money.

If these rules aren’t followed and contractors aren’t RRP certified there are penalties of up to $37,500 per day.

If you are doing any major renovations to your home that was built pre-1978 make sure you are hiring certified contractors who are aware of this new law. It’s important that we take the dangers of lead-poisoning seriously but we’re not sure this change in regulation is the most sensible choice.

photo: Ben+Sam

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  • Gene

    I need the power rake, wood chipper, and rear tine tiller as we have some yard work and gardening to do! Ooh, and the drum sander to refinish the floors in the kitchen.

  • ethan

    I need to aerate my lawn. Hopefully put a little pep back into my grass. Great giveaway

  • Kristin

    I would rent the mini-rooter to clean out my drains. The baking soda and vinegar ‘volcano’ cleaning isn’t working that well anymore.

  • Chris

    I work with a non-profit working to build a rail trail. Money is tight these days so I’d use it to rent the tools needed for a trail building day with our volunteers – likely mowers or a ground-tamping machine.

  • Nick

    I need a sander to paint some bookcases

  • Felicia Swartz

    We need a pressure washer to wash down the outside of the house to paint, as well as pressure wash our drive way.

  • Sal

    I would love to get a wood/ leaf chipper to mulch up some stuff

  • Anne

    Drum sander. Definitely the drum sander. My fiance and I just bought a two family house built in 1917. I think the last time anyone redid the floors was 1921. We’re almost done with all the painting and the floors are the next thing we plan to tackle. Of course money is tight so this gift certificate would be a real god send!

  • Paint sprayer here, for painting the outside of the house.
    (a different Gene)

  • Theresa W

    I desperately need that demolition hammer (or electric breaker)! We recently purchased a 1957 ranch in San Fernando Valley, CA, which includes a completely-paved-over backyard AND a vintage diving board. We removed the board since the bolts were completely rusted and it’s unsafe, but the cement supports remain and need to be removed.

    Secondly, we have a few fruit trees that are suffering because the pavement comes too close to their trunks, inhibiting their growth and ability to get water and nutrients. I’d love to remove a large area of the cement and put in some paving stones and a nice vegetable garden. It’d also significantly help with drainage in the rainy season!

  • Brad

    I would rent a power washer and/or a drum sander. Our deck is in disparate need of attention. I recently replaced many rotting boards and am now ready to apply the stain and weatherproofing. I plan on starting with the power washer to attempt to remove all of the old finish. If that does not remove enough of the finish, I will need to rent a sander to finish the job.

  • Katie

    I am planning to tile my kitchen counters and I need to rent a wet-saw to cut the tile. I want to buy large floor tiles and cut them down, hopefully I can handle all that cutting!

  • brenna

    I could really use a tiller to help level out and condition my backyard for landscaping!

  • Sarah

    Definitely the tiller and the auger – it’s time for the backyard to stop looking abandoned!

  • Elizabeth M.

    tools? i’d love to rent them ALL. so many house projects it’s making my head spin!! but since it’s spring, i’d go for the aerator for a nice, new lawn!

  • Roger Hutton

    I would super happy if I where to win the gift certificate for tool rental. I am working on 2 projects at the moment that I could the certificate for.
    1. My roof top deck needs sanding and re-finishing. I would use the Drum Sander to strip the old ugly brown paint from the deck so I could re-stain it and bring out the beauty of the wood. We love being up there but the color of the paint is an eye sore.
    2. I would use the Mid Tine Tiller to filter the good from the bad in the backyard. My girlfriend would love to plant a garden soon but the soil is useless at this point. She keeps talking about growing tomatoes and other veggies, it certainly would make her happy, me too.

  • Erica T

    I would rent the pressure washer. Our deck needs to be redone!

  • I’d rent an aerator because I want a yard to make my neighbors envious!

  • elise

    We’ll take the auger as we need to build a fence to keep the littlest kiddos from running out of the yard!

  • Jonas

    I also need the two man auger to replace my fence as well as install a new mail box. Good giveaway!

  • twinjackienurse

    12″ Compound Miter Saw–we will be redesigning our closet!

  • durshoe


    for our bathroom remodel! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Forrest Goodson

    I would rent a tamper for the new patio and I building this spring!

  • Guest

    I need to get my basement ceiling sheetrocked so I need to rent that adjustable sheetrock holder that will allow me to hold the sheetrock up to the ceiling-don’t know exactly what you call it.

  • Angela Zamora

    I need to rent a tiller , and a cement mixer. My yard is a mess. The golfers and the weeds have taken over. I would love to clean the area up and turn it into a relaxing place I could enjoy with my family.

  • carogonza

    I need to rent a rototiller. I am planning a garden and I need to till the plot out in my yard. Right now it’s pure grass and I need to get it done before planting season starts!

  • Patti

    I’d rent a paint sprayer. I’m afraid to try it but know that is the only way I’m going to get a couple of my projects done.

  • Suzy

    I need something like a demolition hammer to knock down and out a rectangular brick flower bed with a concrete foundation. It has got to go, so I can have a more fluid landscape in the front yard.

  • I would rent the power washer. I like to power wash our porch and deck each spring. The Home Depot rental center makes it really easy to rent tools!

  • Geraldine Durant

    I need a sander to work on some old furniture.

  • I want to finish my hardwood floors and need to rent a Drum Sander and a Pressure Washer to remove the grime from my siding.

  • Carol Lawrence

    I need a power washer to clean my mobile home.

  • Carol Swaim

    Great giveaway with spring being here.

  • Sascha

    We’d rent the vibratory plate compactor as we have some brick laying to reset off the back of our deck this summer. And the powerwasher to as the siding needs it badly.

  • Cheryl W

    I would rent the Pressure Washer, as my siding on the house really needs a good wash. Thanks!

  • donna

    I need to rent a mini digger for some landscaping

  • barbara

    I need a fertilizer spreader for our huge lawn.

  • John

    I’d like to rent a circular saw, drill, sander etc. We’re in the process of doing our own floors and basement upgrades-and my das’s tools are ancient!!!If we keep at it’ll probably take until Christmas! It’s too costly to replace or buy my dad a whole new set of tools, so renting is what will definitely help us.

  • Steve

    I need to rent a Pressure Washer from Home Depot so I can clean off the growth that is on my stucco house.

  • Mike

    I’d take the drum sander and redo some of my hardwood floors. My fingers are crossed.

  • Karil Whetstone

    this is so neat I need to rent a tiller for my garden I love home depot

  • Sheila Wanner

    I would rent the pressure washer. The sides of our home and our barns all need a really good washing from the winter dirt and grime, the pressure washer would be a perfect asset to these jobs for our homestead. I also love that I can rent these items for quick jobs instead of purchasing full out the tool, this allows me to be more economical in saving money on a tool that I wouldn’t need on a daily basis and also makes me feel good about being more “green” in using a tool that can be recycled into other people’s lives.

  • Teresa

    We need that 20″ Gas Chainsaw to cut up some trees that fell after a winter ice storm here in KY.

  • sylvia kriksic

    the carpet cleaner, thanks

  • Bugler

    $200 goes a long way in tool rental. I’d rent an auger to dig post holes, a plate sander for refinishing my floors, and some scaffolding for replacing my soffit and fascia. Thanks!

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    I’m definitely interested in the carpet cleaner.

  • beth

    the electric breaker! i’ll be honest- we bought our house in the winter and didn’t see the yard because it was covered with over a foot of snowpack. underneath that snow- a slab walkway going through the yard where the above ground pool previously was. so we now have a walkway heading through the yard- leading right to…grass. it’s on the to-do list to get it out and the electric breaker sure would help!

  • Michael

    I would rent a rotary tiller to prepare a place for a vegetable garden. We’ve planned to plant veggies for a long time but this would give us a kick start.

  • Line

    I would rent the wood shipper, we cut down a tree last fall and the branches are still everywhere on the lawn. Well needed! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Dana B

    I need to aerate my lawn and rebuild the deck so send some power tool rentals my way.

  • Sarah Mitchell

    I would rent a lawn sod cutter. I need to make a lage flower bed that is right now covered in sod. That would make my job so much easier.

  • Bob B

    I didn’t know you had rentals available, this is great! thanks for the giveaway

  • Barbara McCrea

    I could sure use rental of a tiller to get my garden ready!
    thanks for the chance!!

  • Sarah S

    I would rent a power washer and paint sprayer. I need to repaint our playset, and it’s going to be a big project!

  • Cate Sparks

    I wish there was a Home Depot closer than in Indianapolis…

  • i would rent the airless paint sprayer to finish painting the exterior of my house

  • Heather

    I would rent a Vibratory Plate Compactor to install a backyard patio!

  • Tina12312

    We would use it towards an auger because we’re planning on putting up a fence this Spring. Thank you!

  • Laura

    A tile saw so we can finish the downstairs bathroom!!!

  • Barbara

    I need to finish painting the outside of my home this summer, and it would be so much easier with an airless paint sprayer. Thanks!

  • Joe

    I would use it for a tiller (to start the garden), chipper (compost the winter’s debris) and floor sander (refinish the hardwood floors).

  • Dottie

    This would be great help for my spring projects.

  • Stephen Palmquist

    I need a jackhammer to deepen my sump pump holes. Also a power rake would come in handy.

  • roswello

    i would definately rent a power washer, my decks are in dire need , soo many things you can clean with them



  • vorthex

    Hi, I would buy a new lawnmower, or a high quality shovel because I have osteoarthritis. I would love one of those light weight aluminum shovels… Thank You 🙂

  • Kat

    The carpet cleaner – definitely. I would love to be able to give my carpets a good deep cleaning this spring!

  • johnny

    spring is right around the corner so i would get a Power washer for the Decks and House, Cars etc.

    thanks for the “sweet: giveaway!

  • Judie Hoxie

    I would use a yard sweep to get ALL those darn oak leaves all over my yard. They are coming from OVER THE WALL trees, that when planted years ago were small and pretty. Now they are nothing but a PROBLEM. Using the sweeper would get them up FAST and I am tired of RAKING and RAKING and RAKING. Thanks for listening.

  • Mary

    I would probably rent a rototiller to start our garden

  • Monique

    I would rent a large tiller so we can double the size of our veggie garden in our yard.

  • jim nash

    The DitchWitch. Are you kidding? Give a ditch with for a day and I’ll give you the Maginot Line in Westchester County, NY, with better lighting and a much lower mortality rate.

  • Kathryn

    I could use the tile saw and sander. We’re in the process of trying to update our home.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Neal

    I’d actually rent that auger, cause our fence is on it’s last legs. Corona winds can be brutal!

  • Valeen N

    Wow, where do I start? I’d rent the sheetrock lifter to help us finish our basement, then the carpet cleaner so I can remember what color my carpets originally were, then the tiller to get my garden back in shape, then…. wait…. that’s just the first trip! You should see my next list!

  • Hillary

    I would rent the 2 man hole digger and/or the carpet cleaner. We are in dire need of fence replacement/repair and have some rugs that could use a good heavy duty cleaning.

  • Oh wow, there are so many things I could think of. I think #1 would be renting a Drum Sander, because I have very old and splintery wood floors that are simply begging to be sanded. Wonderful giveaway, thanks so much for the chance!

  • kelly hedberg

    Me and my husband would rent a wood spliter or a power washer.We just bought a new home.So we need to rent both these to help with week-end chores. Grest contest, thanks.

  • Sandy Anderson

    Don’t know exactly what’s it’s called but I’d rent a “grinder” to level off some of our sidewalks. Some of them are raised a little bit and it would be pretty easy to stumble on the edges. So I’d like to grind down the cement to be more level.

  • chris burd

    I want to start a small garden and would like to rent a tiller to break up the soil

  • Tisa

    I would rent a tile cutter! I bought a small hand held one but is a LOT of work! I am trying to tile my kitchen counter so would come in handy! ~ 🙂 Thanks!

  • Tara Roscoe

    We are first time home buyers. Our new home is great – yet the lawn needs some serious help.
    We would like to rent tools to help us Aerate the lawn. Not specifically clear on what tools that needs to be – but we would love anything you have to help!!

  • Kate Lattin

    I’m a teacher at a residential special ed school in Jamaica, Queens. We’re starting a school garden this year & our kids our very excited, but we need a roto tiller for our first season to get the ground in manageable shape. We will also need to construct a fence, and build a composting system, so an auger and some woodworking tools would be really helpful.We have a lot of plans for the garden, and will tie in nutrition and cooking lessons, along with plant & vegetable sales in our school community. Our budget is very limited, and a gift certificate would really help us get up and running more quickly!

  • Rick Campbell

    I’d rent an aerator – my grass is squealing for some room to maneuver

  • Gavin

    We REALLY need to rent a carpet cleaner, must… get… deposit… back

  • gkran

    I could really use a Tiller for my back yard.. would love a big veggie garden this year 🙂

  • Kassie

    tiller, lawn aerator, heavy duty gardening items.

  • Fred

    I know I missed the cut-off, but I thought I’d say that I would rent the aerator… We’ve been meaning to aerate our lawn for a long time and just haven’t gotten around to it.

  • Gene

    Who won the gift certificate?

  • I need a nailer because we want to lay the kitchen floor this weekend.
    I can’t even think of the million other things I need to rent – but that’s the “right now” one.

  • garywilliams

    I’m going to be removing the tile flooring in the kitchen soon and you have the machine that will make this happen.

  • We need a pressure washer to wash down the outside of the house to paint.