Louisiana Grills Kamado LG K24 Ceramic Grill

Pellet smokers are so hot right now, but if you’re seeking a grill that can truly do it all, then you should check out the Louisiana Grills Kamado LG K24. Fueled by hardwood lump charcoal, the Louisiana Grills Ceramic series offers 5-in-1 cooking. Use it to smoke, bake, sear, roast, or grill. One grill to do it all.
Nothing replicates the taste and smell of food cooked from hardwood lump charcoal. We’re all enamored by the convenience of gas, but no one will argue that they prefer a steak cooked over charcoal compared to gas.
The LGK24 offers 662 sq. inches of two-tiered, stainless steel cooking surface, which means there is more than enough room to cook for the entire family plus your friends.
The heavy-duty ceramic exterior is finished with a glossy black coating and steel trim, which makes it look at home on any patio. With temperatures reaching in excess of 700 degrees, you’ll have a ton of cooking options. The adjustable top and bottom dampers provide temperature control.


  • Consistent temps to cook with holds temp for a very long period of time. Once the charcoal gets lit the Kamado has the ability to heat up very quickly compared to a normal charcoal grill.  The dual ventilation system allows maximum control over airflow.
  • Ability to hit very high heat, I was able to easily and consistently hit 700 plus degrees
  • Flexibility – you can grill, sear, smoke or bake on the K24 using direct or indirect heat.  If you plan on using for long smoke sessions or baking, I would recommend buying the Louisiana Grills ceramic heat deflector accessory.
  • Large capacity has a two rack system while still allowing access to charcoal pit if needed.
  • The ceramic construction is very efficient when burning charcoal and the ash grate allows any unused charcoal to be saved for the next usage.
  • Design – This grill is a piece of artwork, the solid bamboo handle and shelves really stand out (and give a good amount of storage).  The ceramic grill nests atop 4 heavy-duty caster wheels that rotate to make moving it around a snap.
  • Easy cleanup – The ash clean out is very accessible and when using the provided ash tool a job that isn’t fun is quick and easy.


  • Fragile and heavy!  Assembly is a two-person job, this grill clocks in at over 225 lbs. assembled.  Mine arrived with a few chips from shipment but that was repaired with some heat proof paint.  If taken care of properly it should last for a LONG time.
  • Learning Curve – Takes some trial and error of dialing in the airflow to achieve the desired temperatures (but this is also part of the fun).
  • Charcoal & wood fuel…ok so this isn’t really a con – you are buying a charcoal grill after all but handling and lighting charcoal isn’t as convenient as simply turning on an electric pellet smoker or a lighting a gas grill.


Prior to this test I hadn’t done much cooking on a ceramic grill so I was excited to fire this one up. The Louisiana Grills Kamado is a solid all-around grill with the capability to put out a huge variety in types of food.  

The high/low venting makes hitting and holding cooking temperatures a breeze while the heavy ceramic walls allow for serious fuel-burn efficiency.

I love the look of the Louisiana Grills Kamado and was very impressed with the quality of the hardware used in the handles, shelves, springs, vents, and stand.  I used the Kamado to grill, bake, and smoke a variety of items and found that with a little trial and error it was pretty easy to get the hang of it.

A kamado style grill is an investment but is something that if taken care of properly can last a very long time.  Louisiana Grills offers great value with the LG24 and I’d recommend it to someone looking to invest in a long-term charcoal grill that can also be used as a smoker and an oven.

I rate the Louisiana Grills Kamado at 4 out of 5 meat hooks.

The Kamado is available to purchase directly from Louisiana Grills.

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