Milwaukee FastBack Utility Knife Review

Milwaukee Tools is known for their line of contractor-grade power tools that have an almost cult-like following. Case in point, these tattooed fans of the power tool brand.
They are now a serious player in the hand tool industry as they own Stiletto Tools which produces the Trimbone Hammer and have introduced two awesome utility knives, the sliding utility knife and the durable Fastback utility knife.
Hits: Easy operation, great feel, blade changing
Misses: No onboard blade storage
Uses: Scoring, cutting, stripping
milwaukee-fastback utility knife

The sliding knife which we reviewed is like a souped up box knife with ingenious onboard blade storage and simple blade replacement. But the Fastback utility knife offers much more versatility and is better suited for professionals.
The Fastback is slightly smaller and shorter than the sliding knife and they’ve incorporated some great features such as a large clip for pocket or belt storage, wire stripper, gut hook (safely cut without opening), and easy one-handed operation.
The action on the one-handed operation is extremely smooth and easy to use. We’ve demonstrated in the video below.

Switching Blades
Changing blade is a cinch by simply releasing the top button and pulling the blade straight out. No need to fiddle with anything else. We only wish there was some way they could have incorporate onboard blade storage but from a design perspective it would have really changed the whole dynamic of the knife.
Final Word
Absolutely love this knife. The look and feel is great and the design is unique. One-handed operation is not only extremely functional but also fun. We’ll have some tough decisions to make when grabbing our knife for the day.

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