Milwaukee Sliding Utility Knife Review

Milwaukee Tools is well known for their line of ubiquitous power tools including the SAWZALL, drills and fasteners, but they are quickly making a name for themselves in the hand tool market.
Hits: Feels great in your hand and blade replacement features are top-notch
Misses: Switch location is tough for lefties
Uses: Cutting boxes, scoring anything
They recently released a pair of utility knives and we had an opportunity to review both of them. This article covers their sliding utility knife. A lot of engineering went into this simple looking tool as Milwaukee took the worst parts of a typical box knife and made them better.
We feel they did an outstanding job with this utility knife as they didn’t just make a knife to add a product but they took a knife we all know and made it better. We ripped through 10 moving boxes that needed to be broken down like butter and used the blade to trim some some weatherstripping. It’s up for any household task and we having a feeling the included blades (5) will last much longer than any you’d buy off the shelf.

The sliding utility knife features a side activated slide switch to reduce the risk of exposing the blade accidentally as compared to a normal top switch. The switch is also rubber to increase comfort and reduce hand slippage. There is an integrated gut hook and wire stripper that also increase utility.
But the best feature is the on board blade storage and a tool free blade change. No more fiddling with opening a knife using a screwdriver to carefully access the extra blades. You simply flip open the bottom and grab an extra blade them press the side button that releases the old blade and replace it.

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