New Drywall and Ductwork Blades for Your SAWZALL


Milwaukee Tool just introduced two new job specific blades for the SAWZALL. The Ductwork SAWZALL blade and the Drywall SAWZALL blade. Each blade has been designed and tested to to eliminate specific user frustrations when working with those types of materials and applications.

The Drywall Access SAWZALL blade has been engineered to specifically address the frustrations encountered when doing plumbing and electrical service work behind installed drywall. “When plumbers try to access a leak or Electricians are looking for a faulty wire, there is a substantial possibility that they will puncture an existing pipe or wire when using the standard blade lengths available today,” says Dan Wolfgram, Sr. Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “The new Drywall Access blade is only 2-1/2″ long, optimized to cleanly cut through up to 5/8″ drywall but avoid this type of damage.” In addition, the new blade’s unique multi-directional tooth design allows the user to cut in all directions, for maximum finesse in small diameter cutting.

The Ductwork SAWZALL blade has been engineered to specifically address the unique frustrations encountered when installing ductwork take-offs, where the main duct line branches off into subsidiary lines. This application is commonly done with a hammer and screw driver to make an access point, and a variety of directional hand snips to complete various cuts. The new Ductwork SAWZALL blade completely eliminates the need to carry all of these tools, lightening up your tool belt and greatly speeding up the installation process. Engineered with a Pierce Point tip, the Ductwork Blade plunges into sheet metal with ease and the tapered profile design allows the blade to make both radius and square cuts, accommodating any type of take-off installation.

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