Nothing Can Hide From An Energizer Hardcase Professional Spotlight

The days of halogen flashlights are fleeting. Mag lights have always been our great go-to light for around the house, camping or any other use, but the intensity of those lights has been replaced by the power of LEDs.
Some of the best in this category come from Energizer which sells a lineup of LED portable lights in all shapes and sizes. They are sold as rugged and durable which we’ve found them to be.
Our new favorite light in their lineup is the Hardcase Professional Spotlight. Spotlights are incredibly useful as they will illuminate anything from it seems at least a 1/4 mile away. Great for looking in trees or brush and with such an intense and narrow beam you aren’t distracted by any ambient light that a wider beam would show.

We recently tested the DeWALT worklight which runs on their 12V Max power tool battery and we loved it. The Energizer Spotlight is comparable but casts a more narrow beam. The form factor is a comfortable neutral grip and its encased in a durable rubberized cover. It takes 4 C batteries and as with most LED’s the battery life is much longer as opposed to traditional halogen bulbs.
More details
* Bright white LED delivers – 80 lumens
* Impact resistant ABS plastic frames with steel sides and shock absorbing rubber overmolds
* Rugged shatterproof lens – survives 15′ drop
* 12 hour runtime
* Packed with 4 Energizer® MAX® C batteries

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