Save Big During A Renovation

We wall want to save big during a renovation and because we feature reader tips, tricks, projects and inspiration as often as possible, it’s no surprise that I love taking a voyeuristic peek into someone else’s home to follow along with a renovation experience that can save save me money.
In the latest installment of the Brownstone Diary, a column published in the Wall Street Journal, I received not just insight into a conversation regarding the validity of having two dishwashers in a kitchen, but also one of the single most valuable tips for anyone going through a renovation.

Research and planning are critical parts of any project, but you can’t always plan for every twist and turn a renovation might throw at you. That being said, think carefully before you proceed, and, if you can, set aside a little extra money to cover hidden costs. Why?
Because a shift in plans–such as one dishwasher to two–can result in a costly delay that involves new plans, another inspection and weeks worth of delays. The additional expense may be well worth it in the end, but dealing with unanticipated costs and delays is enough to put a sizable strain on any project.
Were you in the midst of a renovation and had to tackle an unforeseen cost or planning issue? Please feel free to share in the comments section — we’d love to learn from your valuable experience!
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