Paint Your Bedroom Black

Black paint isn’t only limited to gothic-inspired decor or teens that need to rebel (though if you do have a rebellious decorative teen, here’s some good advice.) In fact, black walls done right can add high drama and elegance to any room.
Here are a few tips for working with black paint:
+ Any dark paint easily identifies chips or uneven surfaces in a wall. Make sure you properly prep before you paint and sand down any blemishes.
+ Opt for a matte finish. High gloss or semigloss will only highlight imperfections.

+ Keep the ceiling and the trim white. A dark ceiling makes a room feel smaller and a bright trim will create clean lines and a contrast to the dark.
+ Apply several coats. If you’re going to go black, make sure the paint is evenly coated, which may take three or more layers.
Do you have a black room? If so, I’d love to see it!
Photo courtesy of Kelley Interior Design

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