Painting 101: Preparing Your Space to Paint

Painting is a beloved by DIYers for the incredible transformation that can occur in a space with minimal cost, effort, and supplies.
That said, with the help of a few tips, you can take your paint job from weekend painter to professional!
yolo-colorhouse-logo.gifThis week, YOLO Colorhouse shares their tips for preparing your space to paint and you might be surprised by their answers!
Washing your walls before painting isn’t necessary unless they are REALLY dirty. A simple mixture of soap and water should do the trick.
If the surface you are painting is SUPER shiny, you will need to dull it before painting by doing a light sand and then give it a quick wipe to get the dust off.
Fill any holes with spackle- then sand and hit with primer. Caulk any cracks or seams you see (make sure to get PAINTABLE caulk!)
One question we hear a lot is “Do I need to prime!?”
We get it- who wants to go through an extra step when you don’t have to? The good news is- more times than not- you don’t have to prime!
Here are the few times when you do: #1 on BARE WOOD! #2 when going over a surface previously painted with oil paint #3 when going from a super dark color to a super light color (primer is cheaper than paint, so you will save money by doing a coat of primer) More on PRIMER
Choosing color is BY FAR the most inspiring- and sometimes the most challenging part of the painting process. If you’re stuck- don’t worry- we’ve got you covered!
YOLO Colorhouse offers FREE online color help

The fun part! Click the image above for a short and sweet step-by-step! Feeling confident? Shop our paints which are available at Home Depot.
By using YOLO Colorhouse 0 VOC paint, you can paint your room in the morning and sleep in it at night! Formulated without all the “stinky stuff”- no VOCs, no carcinogens, no hazardous air pollutants- YOLO Colorhouse paints perform just like the conventional paints you are used to using.
So, you don’t have to compromise on quality when choosing a healthier paint for you and your family.
Our paint uses a special technology that creates bonding between the molecules in our paint without the use of toxic chemical solvents. So breathe easy- it is just water that is evaporating when your paint is drying! More on shopping for zero VOC paint

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