Recycle Old Kitchen Cabinets And Countertops


Waste is something that you can’t avoid while undertaking renovations. Besides the packaging, sawdust and tarps that are lying around at the end of the day, there are also the old materials to be taken care of. With kitchen renos, that pile of potential garbage can get pretty large. And as seen in other cities, excess construction waste can become a more dire problem.

Old kitchen cabinets are sort of like valuable garbage. Instead of tossing them straight into the landfill, check out a few other options for that sturdy, albeit out-of-style and worn cabinetry.

Be Generous
Do you have wood or particle board cabinets? And do you remember shop class? Combine those together and let your old cabinets go to good use at a local high school. Give the high school principal or shop teacher a call and outline what type of material you have. They’ll let you know how much they want and the rest is just details. Your cabinets will then be used to teach the DIY fans of the future, a noble and worthy cause.

Be Creative
Use your old kitchen cabinets in other areas of your home for storage, furniture and anything else you can think of. Opt for convenient storage in the garage, workshop and basement without having to invest in new stuff. Usually those old cabinets only need new hardware and a little time to hang them up. Voila! Perfectly good storage and less garbage in the landfill. You can also refinish and repair the outside of the cabinets and use them for decorative furniture such as nightstands. With a little TLC you will have a completely unique piece with plenty of function.

Be Inspiring
If you can’t find any use for them yourselves, why not take those old cabinets to a salvaged building supply store? They’re all over the country and if you ask, they might even come and pick up the cabinets for you.
It will likely be a donation, but depending on the store you may receive a charitable tax receipt for the value. Now your old cabinets can be used for someone’s grand project, refinished or installed as-is.

By thinking a little bit outside of the box (or is that cabinet?) you can reduce landfill and put that old cabinetry to good use. It’s a win-win situation. Come to think of it, this is also great motivation to get started on that kitchen reno.

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