Recycling Tips for America Recycles Day

Did you know that the 13th annual America Recycles Day is coming up? According to, it’s “the only nationally recognized day dedicated to the promotion of recycling programs in the U.S.”
By visiting their website you can find activities in your area spanning the whole weekend prior to America Recycles Day, as well as day-of events and ways you can promote recycling in your own communities.
In that vein, here are some tips from Paul Smith at The Daily Green on how to make the most out of recycling programs:

1. Minimize food contaminants
Throw away food-contaminated paper containers (fast food wrappers, pizza boxes), wash out jars and cans and take the lids off bottles and containers before putting them in your recycling bin.
2. Ask for and buy recycled products
The most effective way to promote a green recycling economy is to grow demand for recycled goods. Generally, recycled goods take less resources to make than their non-recycled counterparts. For example, in the case of paper, organizations such as the Environmental Defense Fund report that recycled paper takes far less water, energy and chemicals to make than paper made from wood pulp.
3. Support community recycling drives (or organize one for your favorite cause) Recyclables such as aluminum and newspaper are worth money. Many civic organizations, schools and other community groups are sponsoring collection drives for recyclable materials as fundraisers for their organizations or for charitable causes. Whether they’re asking for Capri Sun packets or old magazines, try to support these local recycling drives. They not only provide valuable fundraising opportunities for neighborhood organizations, they also provide a cleaner supply of recyclable material to manufacturers.
Are you going to celebrate America Recycles Day? Let us know about events in your area and the ways you promote recycling in your communities in the comments below!
Photo: D’Arcy Norman

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