Remove Snow (Without The Backache) With The Wovel

With winter still in full force across most of the country, many of us are looking for more efficient, less arduous ways to dig ourselves out from the piles of white Mother Nature has gifted us than your traditional snow shovel.
As advanced as shovels have become, for some of us the backbreaking work just isn’t doable due to injury, medical conditions, or just being dangerously accident prone. On the other hand, snowblowers can be very expensive and not very environmentally friendly, as well as impractical for city dwellers.
Luckily, we have a solution for you: The Wovel.

The Wovel has been independently tested by the University of Massachusetts and shown to perform at equal or better than your standard snowblower. Also, the Wovel has been shown to need no more force than you would normally exert walking, which is great for those of us unable to chuck that heavy wet stuff about like powdered sugar.
Sure, it may look like something Orville and Wilbur Wright would have built, but it’s been recognized by Co-op America and National Green Pages for its pollution-free environmental standards — making it not only easier on it’s user, but easier on the planet as well. The Wovel also comes in a new, foldable model for easy transporting and storage.
We want to know your thoughts on the Wovel, and don’t forget to check out our tips on how to dig yourselves out, and how to do so safely.
Thanks to our friend Todd H. for the tip!

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