Stihl Battery Powered Chainsaws Have Arrived

Earlier this year we visited Husqvarna and they were working on some top secret battery powered chainsaws. Well it looks like Stihl has beat them to the punch and launched the first real entry into the battery powered chainsaw market.
There are other battery powered chainsaws available but the Stihl MSA-160 is the first to offer the lithium-ion battery power and life and coming from a company that specializes in chainsaws this is the model to get if you are concerned about environmental issues and want a clean burning chainsaw.
Here are some of the stand out features:
Environmentally responsible chain saw powered by a high performance, advanced STIHL Lithium-Ion battery
Toolless Quick Chain Adjuster for fast and easy chain adjustment
Lightweight and easy to use – no fuel, no filters, no power cords
Low noise for quiet applications
Run time up to 60 minutes w/AP 160 and up to 35 minutes w/AP 80
Check out the chainsaw here

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