The Must-Have Tool Set for Every Apartment or Dorm


Whether you’re an apartment dweller or simply don’t feel the need to store a box full of tools, everyone needs some basic tools to assist in various household tasks. We’ve compiled a group of tools that won’t take up valuable closet space, but will also have you prepared for the next fix-it job around the house.

Go with the stubby variety to save the most space (a flathead and phillips head screwdriver), but for the most versatility a screwdriver with interchangeable heads will work best, even better if it’s also stubby.

Heavy Duty Scissors
Skip office scissors, which will wilt under the pressure of cutting rope or fabric. A set of contractor grade scissors has many uses from the kitchen to the workshop.

Crescent Adjustable Wrench
An adjustable wrench is a must-have in any tiny tool kit. Consider a kit that includes multiple sizes, so you’ve got all your nuts and bolt sizes covered.

Tape Measure
From woodworking to interior design, a tape measure is indispensable. A 12’ locking tape measure should handle most jobs around the house but won’t have the bulk of a 25’ contractor grade tape measure.

A standard bubble level with a measuring scale is necessary when installing shelves and can be helpful when hanging mirrors or artwork. But there’s also an app for that.

An 8 oz. stubby claw hammer will do 90% of the jobs around the house.

If you’ve got the space then go with a 6” slip-joint and a 6” long nose pair of pliers.

If you’ve got room to spare, consider adding a mini-hacksaw or jab saw, an all-purpose sanding sponge, work gloves, eye protection.

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